Feature Your Great Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, Angie’s List Reviews

****We do not do fake, I mean “paid” reviews. This is NOT what this is about. Do not contact us about reviewing your business. We feature your best organic reviews.

Do you get good Yelp reviews, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, Facebook reviews, or whatever is specific to your industry? Feature them in a high definition video with a music background with or without voiceovers. It is professionally produced and featured transitions between each review.

Check out my extras! I can upload to Vimeo, so all you have to do it paste the link in your Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you want to promote. I can do the screenshots on my 5K retina display iMac.

Because each order is a bit different, please use the contact form below and I will customize a package, but here are the simple price guidelines:

Opening slide with your business name, 5 online reviews featured, contact info at end, music bed included is $45. With 10 reviews, it is $70 and 20 reviews $110. Estimate about 45-60 seconds per five reviews. The basic price is with you sending me the screen shots via email, DropBox, etc.


  • I will take the screenshots myself on iMac 5K retina display. You link to reviews you want featured. It is recommended that with long reviews, you feature the first 5-9 lines or so. This makes it easier for viewers of the video to see. Price: $15
  • I will narrate the video with script you provide for an extra $20 per five reviews, meaning that 10 reviews is an extra $40.
  • I will deliver via Dropbox inclusive in price, but I can also upload to my Vimeo channel for just $15, likely getting you extra search engine views. You simply send me the link to wherever you want such as social media or embed on your website.
  • For an extra $30, I will upload to my YouTube sponsorship playlist of sports handicapping channel of com permanently. You will get plenty of extra views. The YouTube portion of the offer excludes sports handicapping sites.